Meet Miss Jae

Marea JaNae Hodge has been working with children of all ages for over 15 years. Her passion and love is for teaching Preschool through Kindergarten children. She loves to help cultivate their young minds and witness them accomplish every developmental milestone they can! Her favorite part of teaching is watching their little faces light up with triumph when they learn new things. Marea has her Associate degree and is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree in ECE. Marea enjoys church activities, singing, writing, and crafting in her free time! She also enjoys life with her family, her fiancé Brandon and her 3 beautiful daughters, Kymberlei 19, Koreynne 17, and Kamylle 15. She is also excited about her very first grandbaby coming In January 2021!



As the world is trying to navigate through the recent unforeseen circumstances, we can’t forget about our children, their education and their future.

Miss Jae’s Little Learners is an individualized program designed to prepare a structured, fun-filled experience for your 3-5 year olds.

Miss Jae’s Little Learners is a traveling preschool program that offers 1 hour sessions for Beginning Little Learners and those already participating in a preschool program. This program is not a replacement for your Preschool program but to enhance. The pilot program was initiated in April, and it is a great success!

Miss Jae believes that building a strong foundation during the early years is the key that will follow them through their educational journey. Her mission is to ensure that every ‘Little Learner’ thrives and is destined for success!!!

If you are not sure about sending your Little Learner back to school or he/she just needs a little extra work time, consider Miss Jae!

Through Games, Activities and All kinds of educational resources, Miss Jae’s program can help your child stay on track!